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Definition: an integral knife is made out of a solid piece of steel. Everything but the handle material is shaped (forged or through stock removal grinding) without any single soldered part. It is all solid from the tip to the butt. This way of making knives is considered as one of the most difficult and time consuming.

Let’s refer to A.G. Russel’s definition as well : “An Integral fixed blade is one made of all one billet of steel. This means that the blade, bolsters, tang, and pommel are all made out of one single piece of steel. The advantage of this is that the steel grain runs uninterrupted across the entire knife, rather than having multiple steels attached to the main blade. This significantly improves the strength, durability, and lifetime of the blade.

*Note – Not all makers consider the term Integral to also refer to the butt. Some may call their knife Integral but not include the butt in that definition. To be complete, you could refer to a knife made with all one piece (including the butt) to be a Full Integral knife.”